Platform's Guide to Perfect Summer Hair

Platform's Guide to Perfect Summer Hair

 The sun is shining, hair is getting lighter, and we are all ready to celebrate the start of summer. However, summertime can be hard on the hair. Check out our best tips and product recommendations to keep your hair looking and feeling great all summer.

Let's talk hair extensions!

There are a few crucial things to remember when it comes to having hair extensions in the summer.
If you choose to swim with your extensions, wet your hair, add a generous amount of leave-in conditioner, and braid before entering the ocean, pool, or lake. Your hair is like a sponge and will soak up whatever liquid it comes in contact with first, so fill you hair with water and leave-in conditioner to protect it from drying out. Keep reading for our favorite leave-in hair recipe. 
Mineral-based sunscreen is best for anyone with extensions. Most sunscreens contain chemicals that may permanently discolor or stain hair extensions — especially those lighter in color. Avoid sunscreens with Avobenzone & Octocrylene. Our favorites are the Sunbum Mineral Sunscreen Spray and the Supergoop Mineral Sunscreen.

Custom Clip-Ins

We are aware that hair extensions can feel a bit high maintenance in the summer, especially if you want to be in the water. Our Custom Clip-In Extensions are the perfect solution for achieving all the length and volume without the care of traditional hair extensions. 
What sets our Platform Custom Clip-Ins apart is that you can buy the wefts individually to create the perfect set for your needs. Take our three-question quiz and find out the number and sizes of the Platform Custom Clip-Ins you might need. 

Our Summer Hair Care Favorites


The Kerastase L'HUILE oil is the perfect hair oil for keeping summer hair from getting frizzy and dry. This oil is great for all hair types and won't cause oily buildup. 

Oribe Hair Alchemy Heatless Styling Balm

This Oribe Styling Balm is a lightweight balm that can be used on air-dried or blow-dried hair. It is a great option for moisturizing fine-to-medium hair and keeping styles held all day. 

Unite 7SECONDS Detangler

Another favorite is the Unite 7SECONDS Detangler. A trick is mixing half the detangler with half distilled water in a spray bottle. Use this spray before entering the pool, lake, or ocean to prevent your hair from drying out. Then, use the full-strength 7SECONDS Detangler immediately after showering and washing. 

Platform Butter Brush

The Platform Butter Brush will be your best friend this summer. It is the ultimate hair tool for minimizing breakage while getting out all the tangles from a day at the pool or beach. We've got a whole blog post dedicated to proper hair brushing, read it here! 

Oribe Invisible Defense Universal Protection Spray

This might be the perfect summer hair product. The Oribe Invisible Defense Spray protects your hair from heat up to 450°F and from UV rays and pollution. All great benefits for keeping your hair color from fading while locking in moisture. 

Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream

Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream is another great option for a leave-in conditioner. This product tames frizz and flyaways without weighing down the hair.

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