What is the difference between hand-tied and machine-sewn wefts?

The biggest difference between the two products is the thickness of the weft (top part of the extension). The hand-tied method results in a much thinner weft. Because of this, it is possible (and encouraged) to stack multiple wefts on top of each other. This allows the different colors of extensions to be mixed and matched creating the perfect blend for you and your clients. In a nut shell, using hand-tied hair means maximum fullness, length, perfect color blends, all while laying flat to the head with minimal contact points. 


Machine-sewn wefts typically are manufactured as one long weft which needs to be cut into multiple pieces based on desired width and then placed over all of the head. Hand-tied wefts, on the other hand, come with (8) 9.5-inch wefts per package. We don't recommend cutting the individual hand-tied wefts because they can easily unravel. 



Why do you only carry hand-tied weft extensions?

We believe that it's either hand-tied or the highway. We strongly feel that they are leaps and bounds better than other extension methods and we want to focus our attention on providing the highest quality product.



How many grams does each pack of hair contain?

113 grams of pure bliss (regardless of hair length)



What is the width of each individual weft?

Approximately 9.5 inches

    How can I ensure that I pick the right color?

    We have provided several pictures to help give you a good indication of true color; however, for perfect assurance, we recommend you order a Platform Hair Extensions color swatch. In the meantime, if you receive the extensions and decide you need a different color then please return it and exchange it, free of charge (for a product of equal or lesser value), for another color you think may work better.

    For refunds and exchanges please note that extensions must be returned in the same exact form in which you received them (without being untied and removed from their packaging) to receive a refund. A 10% restocking fee will apply to all returns.


    How many wefts/bags of hair does one head require?

    We recommend 8-16 wefts per head depending on desired fullness and length. Remember each bag comes with 8 wefts. The average person will typically use between 10-12 wefts. In many cases, it is recommended to use two or more colors to achieve a more natural look.

      When will items be back in stock?

      If ever we have a product out of stock, we will work to get it restocked as soon as possible. We ship our product from our manufacturing plant overseas which can take several weeks; however, please be sure to email us with the product you're looking for and we will notify you as soon as we have your desired product restocked. 

        How do I care for my extensions?

        Wash: Use only professional products that are paraben- and sulfate-free. Apply a hair mask (a stronger conditioner) every 3-5 times you wash your hair, use a hair mask to lengthen the life if your extensions. Try not to wash too often.

        Products: Two products are essential to maintain your extensions in top condition — leave-in moisturizer with heat protectant capability and moisturizing oil. Apply the leave-in moisturizer to your hair after washing but while it’s still wet. The oil should be applied daily to wet and dry hair.

        Drying and styling: blot dry excess water after shower, never rub towel on the extensions causing friction.

        Blow dry, flat iron and curling iron on low heat settings (below 350 degrees). Blow dry and style often to keep your extensions smooth. Going to bed with them wet can cause matting and knots. Comb often using a weft brush or wide tooth comb. ( start at the bottom of your hair and work your way to the top).

        Sleeping: Braid extensions before bed to keep from tangle. Sleep on a silk pillow for less friction.

        Swimming and adventuring:  Summer time in the BEST but its hard on the extensions. If you choose to swim with your extensions, wet your hair, add a generous amount of leave in conditioner and braid before entering ocean, pool or lake. (Your hair is like a sponge and will soak up whatever liquid it comes in contact with first, so fill you hair with water and leave in conditioner to protect from drying out).

        Use a clarifying shampoo and very moisturizing conditioner upon completion.

        Take your time combing it out.

        Minerals found in large bodies of water and chlorine can react negatively with extensions. Platform Hair Extensions is not responsible for negative reaction. Limit contact with salt water and chlorine (ocean or pool).

        **Most sunscreens contain chemicals that may permanently discolor or stain hair extensions — especially those extensions lighter in color. The most common of these chemicals are Avobenzone and Octocrylene. Use mineral sunscreens such as Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen or SunBum Mineral Sunscreen to avoid discoloration of your extensions.

        Platform Hair Extensions is not responsible for any negative result to your extensions following these activities.

        Coloring: Coloring extension can change the integrity of the extensions. However, if you choose to do so, we suggest a demi or semi permeant color, never use any lightener or bleach on the extensions. Any coloring should be done by a licensed professional. For best results contacts a Platform certified stylist.