About Us

Platform Hair Extensions provides the highest quality of hand-sewn weft, hand-tied weft, new micro k-tips and clip-in extensions on the market. We are beyond obsessed with the silky and fine texture of this satin hair. All Platform Hair Extensions are made from 100% human remy hair. They are hand-sewn by a reputable and socially-responsible manufacturer. The hair used in our wefts, micro k-tips, and custom clip-ins are premium, hand-selected hair that is sure to impress anyone. Our color selection rocks. We have fully customized each color to achieve the perfect tones.


Meet Megan Carlisle, Founder

Hi! I'm Meg, the visionary Founder/President steering the ship at Platform Hair Extensions. With an extensive 18-year background as a licensed cosmetologist and educator, I've left my mark transforming hair for high-profile celebrities and as the owner/operator of Platform Salon.

My passion extends beyond the salon chair – I thrive on sharing my expertise. Whether it's through hands-on experiences or virtual courses, I'm dedicated to enlightening others on advanced color techniques and the intricate artistry of Hand-Sewn Weft and Micro K-Tip hair extensions.

Fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit, I founded Platform Hair Extensions to fill a void in the market – a place where quality, fairness, and positive culture converge. As a CEO, my commitment goes beyond providing superior products; it extends to cultivating a brand that embodies excellence in the hairstylist community.

I am – a 36-year-old, business-savvy woman, happily married with two kids, and a penchant for adventure and good vibes, including lots of travel and a love for the nostalgic beats of 2000s hip hop. Platform Hair Extensions isn't just a brand; it's a movement, a testament to the fusion of business acumen, family values, and a passion for creating beauty that transcends trends. Join us on this transformative journey, where every strand tells a story of quality, success, and empowerment.