Platform Hair Extensions' Summer Picks - 5 of our Favorite Products for Summer

Platform Hair Extensions suggested products for Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and everyone loves a day on the water with the perfect effortless hairstyle. The Platform Hair Extensions team gathered five products that will help you keep your hair healthy and looking gorgeous all summer long.

The Triple Ripple Jumbo Hair Waver

We all know the beach wave is the hairstyle of Summer, and if only we all lived on the beach. The Triple Ripple Jumbo Hair Waver by Mane is just what it says, a triple-barrel ceramic waver but only supersized. You will be able to create long-lasting volume and texture in no time.

K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil

K18 has been one of the most talked-about brands recently. Rightfully so, and their new Molecular Repair Hair Oil deserves all the hype. This oil will keep your hair moisturized, frizz-free and protects against heat up to 450 degrees.

Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen

Did you know chemical sunscreen can lead to discoloration of your extensions? Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen is free of avobenzone and octocrylene, the two common chemicals that can lead to the discoloration of hair extensions.

Silk Pillow Cases

If you are wanted to elevate your hair and skin health while you sleep, silk pillowcases are a great thing to look into. The idea behind using silk is less friction preventing tangles, and help preserve your hairstyle. Slip has some gorgeous pillowcases, while Amazon has a great selection of more affordable options.

Platform Butter Brush

With summer comes wet hair, riding on the boat, or hiking your favorite trail. The Platform Butter Brush is the perfect hair brush to help detangle your hair after a long summer day. This brush is designed to glide through hair and minimize breakage.
Maintaining the life of your hair extensions does require some extra attention in the Summer. Take a look at our recommended care here.