CC Rooted
Model with dimensional brown clip-ins
CC Rooted
CC Rooted
CC Rooted
CC Rooted
CC Rooted
CC Rooted

CC Rooted #2-03/10 Blend — "Rooted Truffle Butter" (Clip-Ins)

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This is a beautiful deep-brunette blend with a dark brown root. Combine with any brondes or brunettes to add dimension. Our favorite combos include Rooted #2-3/10 with #2 or #4.

SMALL — 2 pcs; each measures 3" & weighs approx 15g
MEDIUM — 1 pc; measures 5" & weighs approx 25g
LARGE — 1 pc; measures 8" & weighs approx 45g

Take our three-question quiz and find out the number and sizes of the Platform Custom Clip-Ins you might need. TAKE THE QUIZ NOW! If you need additional help with color matching, fill out the form at the end of the quiz and upload some photos of your hair!

Let's be honest, most natural hair isn't just one (or even two) colors; so why should your extensions be limited to such? One size (and one color) doesn't fit all.

Platform Custom Clip-Ins are sold as individual pieces so that you can benefit from mixing and matching different colors to achieve the most natural and seamless blends.