Why Choose Platform Hair Extensions?

Why Choose Platform Hair Extensions?

What Makes Platform Hair Extensions Different? 

Platform Hair Extensions was created from the struggle to find a high-quality, consistent, fairly priced, and dependable luxury hand-tied hair extension brand. From there, we built Platform Hair Extensions from the ground up, creating a whole-hearted culture, socially responsible process, product quality and a passion for valuable education at the forefront of our brand decisions. 

 Platform Culture

Platform Hair Extensions strives to create a culture and community around the idea that we rise by lifting others. Our ultimate goal is to help all customers achieve their highest level of confidence through education, resources, and high quality hair extensions. 


Platform Social Responsibility 

Social responsibility at Platform Hair Extensions starts with the source of the hair. The people who choose to sell to us are compensated well for their hair. Offering donors another source of income. After sourcing, our next mission was to find a reputable manufacturer with ethical practices and wages. The manufacturer we chose employs a lovely team of women who hand-tie all our hair extensions. These ladies are kindly referred to as "aunties" and are allowed to work from home. Working remotely enables them to work around their schedules and be with their kids. 

Platform Quality

The products we produce are something we are proud to stand by. No corners are cut in the manufacturing of our hand-tied hair extensions or CUSTOM CLIP-INS hair extensions.

All Platform Hair Extensions are 100% human remy hair that is hand-selected to ensure that only the best quality hair is accepted. Once the hair is sourced, it goes through an extensive cleaning process to prep it for lightening. Our lightening process can take up to a week to complete. During this step, our main priority is to keep the hair's cuticle intact. Assuring all hair extensions will be in the best condition for coloring.

-A few features that set our hair extensions apart include our mix and match approach to selling. We offer a fantastic color line in which hairstylists can mix and match wefts to create the perfect combo of hair extensions without buying so many different packs of colors to achieve the ideal blend. Find your perfect set of hand-tied hair extensions today. 

With a product we can stand by, we also want to provide the best possible customer service. To contact us, send us an email, or reach out via social media.


Platform Education

We created the Platform Hair Extension Education courses to provide high-quality lessons with exceptional ongoing support and encouragement. Our educators seek to empower stylists and give them the tools to build their businesses, develop their skills, and share their services online. We want to lift, elevate, and spread positivity to all stylists who choose to join the Platform Hair community. For more information, our Platform Hair Extension FAQ blog goes in-depth on our education approach and different classes.

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Platform Hair wants you to receive a quality product with a quality experience. To see the day-to-day of Platform Hair, follow us on Instagram.