What's all the rage with our NEW Platform Mastery Programs?

What's all the rage with our NEW Platform Mastery Programs?

 We simply cannot stop talking about our Platform Mastery Programs, and another program is coming right around the corner. Keep reading to get all the details. 

Here is how The Platform Mastery Programs are drastically increasing hair stylists' revenue.

1. The Stylists who have taken the Platform Mastery Programs are becoming the go-to stylists in their area. They are mastering their skills, incorporating more extension methods into their service offerings, and attracting a new level of clientele. The Platform Micro K-Tips and Wefts Mastery Programs (more on this below ⬇️) is the leading hair extension education for top performers in the beauty industry. 

2. Mastery Program graduates are increasing their average ticket price. Platforms Micro K-Tip Foundational Placements are being used along with current weft clients by adding a Platform Money Piece and drastically bringing home more money with each client.

3. Platform-trained stylists are on top of extension trends and know the importance of mastering them as soon as courses become available. This luxury clientele is always looking for the newest and best technology. 

Are you ready to perfect these techniques and become a master extensionist? Join our Micro K-Tip Program waitlist today to take the first step in filling your books with high-end clients and be notified when the course goes live again on March 11. If you are looking for more information, check out our recent blog post that goes in-depth on all the details of the Micro K-Tip Mastery Program.

Get ready for the next chapter in the Platform Mastery Program: The Platform Wefts Mastery Program. 

You won't believe the value that this course offers. When you enroll in the Weft Mastery Program, you will receive the following:
  • You will receive instructions detailing the specifics of Hand-Sewn Weft extensions, from consultation to color selection, from the nitty-gritty details of the installation to cutting and blending, and so much more. 

  • You can access a certified Platform Coach who will give you instruction and feedback throughout the training.

  • You will get a workbook outlining the program, homework assignments, photos and diagrams, and all the supporting documents you need during and after the course.

  • You will receive a kit worth nearly $900, complete with all of the tools needed for installation and a full pack of Hand-Sewn hair to practice with.

  • Last but definitely not least, you will have access to a full-day, in-person, hands-on training course led by one of many Platform-Certified Educators located across the country. This opportunity allows you to hone your installation techniques with live feedback and personalized coaching. 

We can't wait to see what our Platform Wefts Mastery Program can do for you. Keep an eye on our Instagram (@platformhairextensions) and emails for the Wefts Mastery Program waitlist. That is the best place to be if you are looking to up your hair extension game this year.