What sets the Platform Hair Extension Education Programs Apart?

What sets the Platform Hair Extension Education Programs Apart?

At Platform Hair Extensions, we pride ourselves on creating a learning environment that caters to everyone. We understand that classes are not all created equal and for good reason. 

We've partnered with a company called Multiple Intelligence for 10+ years to work with us and teach us how to become better educators. While we teach in our dominant learning type, our educators undergo rigorous training to become proficient at teaching and implementing all seven learning types. This changes everything for our courses. Stylists and students are getting what they need in our courses sometimes for the first time in their lives. 

We also show them how to use our well-rounded lesson plans for each of their classes with the best flow and structure. When you attend a Platform class, you will not only feel love and acceptance from our culture and educators who embody it, but you will likely also gain more from this class than any class you've taken in a long time. We want your investment with us to be truly worth it. 

The Multiple Intelligence Learning Types are based on the seven intelligences: verbal/linguistic, math/logic, spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. 


Reading, Writing, Listening: This Intelligence indicates highly developed auditory skills. You enjoy reading and can express your thoughts through the written word. You prefer learning and processing information through listening, reading, or both.

Math/ Logic

Numbers, Facts, Features: A high level of logical reasoning ability is exhibited in this Intelligence. You will explore patterns, categories, and relationships. Also, you prefer to problem-solve and experiment and can think sequentially. Outlines and bullet points help you in processing information. 


Mental Images, Pictures/Diagrams, Designs: Skills associated with this Intelligence are the ability to design and create or improve on existing patterns. Spatial skills may also enable you to be skilled in interpreting maps, charts, and diagrams. Creative use of mind mapping and mental images are part of how you process information.


Touch, Movement, Physical, "Just Do It": This Intelligence deciphers information through movement. Strengths include highly developed applied operations and the competence to respond to experimental and applied learning. It requires a hands-on approach to achieve proficiency in new skills. There is a need to perform or picture tasks being done to have the information become meaningful or valuable.


Patterns, Sequences, Rhythm: The dominant factor in this Intelligence is sensitivity to sounds in the environment. Rhythms and tonal patterns dominate this learning domain. An activity is visualized by relating it to movement, timing, or musical sequence. You can relate math and reading to rhythmic patterns when learning new concepts. Specif c musical tunes may be used to learn new ideas and applications and recall learned patterns and processes.


Teamwork, Sympathetic, Socializes: Dominance in this Intelligence reflects understanding and working well with others. You can use compassion when working with people and respond to the needs and temperament of others. Group work and interactions are essential in processing information.


Reflective, Self-aware, Focused, Empathetic: Understanding the inner self is a dominant trait of this Intelligence. You are highly aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and inner feelings. You enjoy the challenge of higher-order thinking and using reasoning skills. You are reflective and introspective and march to a different drummer.

Most recently, we have put these Multiple Intelligences Learning Types to work in our NEW Platform Mastery Programs, unlike anything else you've seen or done virtually. All the Multiple Intelligences and learning types will be accounted for in this online course, and it will be an incredible education. You will have a mentor/educator helping you throughout the online course, offering expertise, feedback, and answering any questions you might have. After you complete the video portion, you will take a hands-on course to complete the Mastery Programs. Get all the details in our latest blog post. Trust us, you will definitely want to check that one out. 

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