The Inside Scoop on Platform CUSTOM CLIP-INS

The Inside Scoop on Platform CUSTOM CLIP-INS

Introducing Platform CUSTOM CLIP-INS

The day has finally arrived, and we can't wait for you to see what all the hype is about. We broke down all the specifications, features, and looks for you. Take a look at what sets our CUSTOM CLIP-INS apart from the rest. 


The Platform CUSTOM CLIP-IN Specs:

Each clip-in of hair is sold separately, giving you all the control when it comes to color and size. The extensions come in small, medium, and large. Small extensions measure 3” and come in a pack of two. The small is great for filling in the sides of your hair, which tends to be the thinnest area. These are amazing for women suffering from postpartum hair loss or anyone wanting more hair on their sides. The medium extensions measure at 5” and large at 8”. Both large and medium come one at a time. They are also available in 2 lengths, 18” (between 18-20”) and 22” (between 22-24”) long. 

The Platform CUSTOM CLIP-IN Features:

We have 15 different colors to choose from. Combining our color range and different sizes will give you the most natural look possible. You can have your stylist root and color your clip-ins to match your natural root for them to be undetectable. We do recommend mixing at least two different colors, if not more, to match your hair. The clips are flat and extremely durable. They will stay in all day and do not require any teasing when installing.

Each extension has A LOT of hair on it. The fullness is unrivaled for clip-in extensions. They are made up of 100% human Remy hair and incredible quality. We do pride ourselves on sourcing and processing socially responsible hair extensions.


The Looks:

We offer three different looks, basic, extra, and boujee. You will be able to find the perfect level of fullness for you. You can take a look at the difference in volume here:

For the layout of each look, we have created a diagram to show exactly what extensions we used. 

We could not be more excited to offer Platform CUSTOM CLIP-INS. These are ready to take your hair to the next level. Grab yours today and enjoy free shipping on any orders over $250. 

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