Meet Platform Hair Extension's NEW Hand-Sewn Wefts

Meet Platform Hair Extension's NEW Hand-Sewn Wefts

Platform Hair Extension's NEW Hand-Sewn Wefts have all the benefits of our hand-tied wefts but are stronger, ultra-thin, more comfortable, and even more customizable. Once you hear all the features and benefits, you will be as excited as us. Meet the new all-star for Platform Hair Extensions. Hand-Tied Wefts vs Hand-Sewn Wefts? Let's find out!

Features of the NEW Hand-Sewn Wefts:

  • Enhanced seam technology featuring a double lock stitch and stronger adhesive.

  • Flatter and thinner than traditional hand tied.

  • No ‘return hair’ at the top of the weft (buh-bye mustache).

  • Can be cut at any point on the wefts without unravelling.

  • More hair on every weft, hello volume!


Benefits of the NEW Hand-Sewn Wefts:

  • Stronger and more durable weft giving your a longer life-span for your extensions.

  • No unravelling or looping at the base of the weft from brushing or neglect. 

  • Less bulk for a natural look and comfortable wear. 

  • No itch from the mustache hairs. 

  • Trim the width of the wefts to custom fit each head to create the perfect weft of hair for your needs. 

  • Thicker and fuller from top to bottom — who doesn’t want that!?!


We heard your suggestions and are happy to announce that these NEW Hand-Sewn Wefts will be offered in half-packs. For more information on the production of our hair extensions and inside look at Platform Hair Extension's company culture, read our recent blog post.
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