The Anatomy of a Hair Extension - What Type of Hair Extension is Right for You?

The Anatomy of a Hair Extension - What Type of Hair Extension is Right for You?

Ready for a little anatomy lesson?

Trust us this one is far more interesting than your freshman year health class. This lesson is all about what makes up hair extensions, what to expect with the different types of extensions, and what our hair extensions have to offer. 

We want you to find the perfect hair extension that matches your needs and lifestyle. There might even be a new product sneak peak at the end.

What makes up Hand-Sewn Hair Extensions?

These permanent extensions are great for people looking to add length and or volume to their current hair. They are fully customizable to create a comfortable fit and perfect color match. Not all hand-sewn hair extensions are created equally. It is important to do your research on not only the product but the brand. 

What to Expect with Hand-Sewn Hair extensions?

Hand-Sewn hair extensions do require a little bit of maintenance. You can expect to need your extensions moved up every 6 - 8 weeks, along with adding in new habits to your current hair care routine. Properly caring of your extensions will ensure you get the longest life out of your hair. Take look at our extension hair care suggestions here. 

What sets Platform's NEW Hand-Sewn Extensions Apart?

We pride ourselves on creating the best hair extensions on the market. Our NEW Hand-Sewn Extensions are full of amazing features which set us apart. 

What makes up Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are great for people who occasionally want the look of fuller and longer hair, without the day-to-day maintenance. Clip-ins are a more budget friendly option that have great longevity, if cared for correctly.  The same disclaimer goes for clip-ins, not all are created equally or sourced ethically. 

What to Expect with Clip-In Hair extensions?

While clip-ins do not require the maintenance of hand-sewn, they do still need to be cared for. We suggest washing your extensions in the sink every few uses with shampoo and conditioner. They should be stored in a dry area with room to hang or lay without getting tangled. If you choose clip-ins that are Remy hair they can be cut and colored just like permanent hair extensions. 

What sets Platform's CUSTOM CLIP-IN Extensions Apart?

We developed a legendary clip-in hair extension. Our approach with these CUSTOM CLIP-IN Extensions was to focus on creating a selection of individual wefts that can come together to meet any and all needs our clients are looking for. This includes offering a wide range of colors, lengths, and sizes. 



Platform Micro K-Tips

We are finalizing all the finishing touches on our revolutionary new addition to the Platform Hair Extensions line-up. These Micro K-Tips feature an exclusive to Platform design that will change the game.
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* Learn more about how we ethically source our hair and the process it goes through to become a Platform Hair Extension in a recent blog post. 


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