Platform Hair Extensions our top Five 2023 Hair Trends

Platform Hair Extensions our top Five 2023 Hair Trends

2022 was the year of the slick-back buns and curtain bangs. Let's take a look at five trends we think will be popular in 2023. 

The Year of Short Hair

We are a hair extension company, of course, we love long hair. But the short hairstyles we will see this year are so fun, flirty, and effortless. Pairing short hair with a few wefts of Platform Hair Extensions will give you that added volume and texture.

The French Pin becomes the "it" Accessory

Claw clips have been a staple for a few years. Now we are seeing more people play around with large hair pins for easy hairstyles that won't cause as much damage or breakage as traditional ponytails.  

Peace out Platinum

Don't get us wrong, we still love a cool-toned blonde. However, we might be trading some of that for slightly warmer tones. Some blondes are even opting to test out light brown this year. If you are considering a change, check out our Platform Hair Extensions Guide to Going Dark.

Heatless Hairstyles

TikTok rules again with this one. We have all seen thousands of videos on how to get the perfect heatless curls. People are finding ways to create their ideal hairstyles without the damage of using heat. This idea is only going to grow. We will see even more products, tutorials, and content centered around heatless hairstyling. 

All in on Hair Health

This one goes along with heatless hairstyles. There has been a significant increase in hair and scalp health conversations. People are opting to wear their natural hair, whether curls or straight. We are adding scalp serums adding hair treatments to our routines, and switching to silk pillowcases. These changes will become the norm, and we will go into 2024 with our healthiest hair ever. We recently made a post on our tips for healthy hair, find it here. 

If you want inspiration on any of the trends we mentioned, follow us on Pinterest. BUT don't stress too much about trends, rock what makes you feel best.