Unlock the Power of K-Tips with Our Proven Mentorship Program!

Unlock the Power of K-Tips with Our Proven Mentorship Program!

Are you a dedicated stylist seeking the next step in hair extension mastery? Look no further. The renowned training you've heard about, experienced by many in live sessions, is now coming to you in a groundbreaking virtual format!

Why K-Tips?

  • Versatility: Seamlessly integrate K-tips with track & sew methods for fuller, more natural looks.
  • Demand: These are quickly becoming one of the most popular and profitable services being requested by clients. You don’t want to miss out on this wave. 
  • Efficiency: Speed up installation without sacrificing quality.
  • Earnings: Offer premium services and boost your income.
  • Prestige: Stand out in the market by mastering Hollywood-level techniques.

Introducing Our Virtual Mentorship Program

While our live trainings have transformed countless stylists' careers, we recognize the need for flexibility and continuous learning.

  • Blend of Online and On-Site Learning: Engage with comprehensive online modules, then cement your knowledge at a live workshop.
  • Exclusive Starter Kit: Get hands-on with all the tools and samples necessary.
  • One-on-One Mentorship: Experience personalized feedback and guidance from industry experts.

Don't Miss Out!

We've been leading the way in K-tip extension innovation and training. Now, as we continue to adapt to a digital era, you can too. Secure your spot in this unique blend of virtual and live mentorship, and elevate your skills to unprecedented heights.