Platform's Favorite Fall 2023 Hair Trends

Platform's Favorite Fall 2023 Hair Trends

Fall is all about cooler weather, cozy layers, and warm drinks. As much as we look forward to all those things, we are most excited about these five fun fall hair trends.

1) The Side Part 

As much as the middle part has served us well, the side part is making a major comeback. They might not start as extreme as we saw in the 2010s. But you can count on seeing some fantastic volume from a side part and messy layers. 

2) The BIG Bow

Like the '90s came back in style, so is preppy girl chic. One way this appears is through the super cute massive hair bows. These are a great way to add a little spice to any fall outfit or make your hairstyle stand out. 

3) Cooler Weather = Warmer Hair

It is not a new idea that warm hair color always comes to play in the fall. This year that doesn't just apply to the brunettes. For the blondes, this means leaning into the golden honey tones. The other trend we are seeing is the gorgeous rich reds. We can expect quite a few ladies to try out deep reds or accentuate any red they already have. Follow @platformhairextensions to see how our stylists bring these hair colors to life. 

4) Chop Chop

This one might be a personal favorite. Recently, short hair has been all the buzz, and in more than one way. From a polished and chic vibe to an edgy look with lots of texture, check out how CEO Meg (@megmeghair) has styled her short hair. 

5) Micro K-Tips 

No, this one is definitely our favorite. Keratin bonds are taking the hair extension market by storm. They offer amazing comfort, volume, and length with less maintenance. The best part is that we have the ultimate Micro K-Tip Hair Extensions. Get all the details on our Platform, Micro K-Tips. You will love them just as much as we do. 

To get you inspired, we curated a collection of our favorite looks featuring these hair trends over on our Pinterest @platformhairextensions_