Spring Refresh - 10 Ideas for Refreshing Your Life this Season

Spring Refresh - 10 Ideas for Refreshing Your Life this Season

Spring is here, and winter is in the rearview. We gathered up a list of ten things you can do to feel refreshed for the new season. We aren’t just talking spring cleaning and switching out the wardrobe, and this list covers self-care, exploring, and treating yourself. 

Refresh/Update Your Beauty Routines

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut of using the same products just out of convenience. Take this time to make sure you actually love the products you are spending your money on. Also, check the expiration dates on all your beauty and wellness products. Expired products can be growing bacteria and losing quality. 

Grab a New House Plant

With warm weather and sunshine coming back around, it is the perfect time to pick up a new houseplant. Houseplants are a great way to add life into a space and keep the air clean in your home. 

Self-Care Appointments 

Get your body reset with a few self-care appointments, whether a full body massage to relax your stiff winter muscles, a pedicure for sandal weather, or a hydrating facial to get rid of that dry winter skin.  

Hire a Cleaner for a Day

Take a day off from house cleaning and hire a cleaner to come by for a day. This will help you take a step back from cleaning, but you might also find a new cleaning product or gadget that they used on your house that you can add to your cleaning routine. 

Digital Spring Cleaning

One of the most cluttered places can be our digital spaces. Taking a few hours to sort through your backlog of emails, organize the files on your computer, and delete all the random screenshots from your phone can help you enjoy your devices more. Digital spring cleaning also applies to social media. Do a deep dive into who you are following on social media to ensure they are providing you value or you are genuinely happy to see their content. 

Get Your Car Detailed

Does anyone else feel bad about neglecting their vehicles in the winter? Winter can be hard on cars with snow, ice, and salt. Getting your vehicle detailed makes it feel like you are driving a new car and helps eliminate any remnants of winter that can cause damage or rust.

Check out Free Classes in Your Area

Spring is a great time to take advantage of any promotions running in your area. Many businesses are trying to market their spring and summer classes. Check out your local yoga studios, art classes, or gyms and see if they offer a free trial class. 

Find New Places to Explore Locally

The easiest way to refresh your day-to-day is to find a new favorite spot. Try a new restaurant, coffee shop, park, or hiking trail to explore a new area or find a new place to add to your routine. 

Try a New Beauty Service

While we are trying new places, you might as well try a new beauty service. Have you always wanted to get your brow micro-bladed, eyelash extensions, or hair extensions (like Platform Hair Extensions 😉)? Now is the time! You never know if that is the piece you are missing to unlock a new confidence level. 

Plan a Staycation

Airbnbs and boutique hotels are popping up everywhere. Take advantage of any new places in your area to get out of your space. Even if you are by yourself, take advantage of the quiet time to work on a passion project or just relax. 


Spring is a time for adding a little fun into your life. We hope this Spring refresh list is just what you need to have you feeling your best this season. 

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