Our Favorite Products for Humid and Dry Climates

Our Favorite Products for Humid and Dry Climates


Are you struggling with crazy frizz or feeling you can't get enough moisture in your hair? Climate plays such a massive role in hair care. We've gathered some of our favorite products to add to your routine if you are dealing with dryness or humidity.

As many of you know, we are based in St. George, Utah, so we have extensive experience handling the impacts of the dry desert air. These three products are our top favorites for locking in moisture and reducing the breakage that comes with dry hair. 

  1. Oribe Mistify Restyling Spray - This spray hydrates, prevents breakage, and is a heat protectant. If you are battling dry hair, we recommend limiting excessive heat. However, we know that is not always realistic. Use this spray to bring your style from the day before back to life while adding extra moisture. 

  2. Oribe Supershine Light Moisture Cream - For all the gals needing extreme moisture, this leave-in conditioner will leave your hair sleek and shiny while taming your spit ends. It's lightweight and even offers heat protection. 

  3. Platform Butter Brush - With dry hair comes breakage. Using the wrong hair brush can lead to extra breakage. Our Butter Brush was designed to minimize breakage and leave you with smooth, detangled hair. For more tips on reducing breakage while brushing, check out our Brushing 101 blog post. 

Renae Currey, a renowned Platform Regional Educator, has shared her expert insights and top hair products for combating frizz. 

"Florida humidity is NO JOKE, so I have tried every product to help my clients deal with insane frizz. These are my top recommendations:"

  1. The entire Davines Oi line - Oi Shampoo, Oi Conditioner or Oi Butter (if you're really prone to frizz), Oi Milk Leave-In, and Oi Oil - The whole system works the best together, but if you could only pick one or two products, I would say Oi Milk and Oi Butter are the heroes for extensions and getting rid of the frizzies.

  2. Oribe Impermeablè Hairspray - This hairspray is specifically made to lock out frizz, and it is a must-have as the last step before you walk out the door.

  3. Oribe Curl Geleè - This one is for all the curly girls. If you want to wear your natural texture but your curls turn into a hot mess in the humidity, use Curl Geleè on wet hair. Apply it liberally - you want it to coat every hair strand - and set your curls by twisting or scrunching as they dry.

Dealing with how the climate affects your hair can feel out of your control. We hope these recommendations give you the power back to have your best hair days yet, no matter the weather.

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