Dirty Hair, Don't Care

Dirty Hair, Don't Care

We all have different responsibilities that need to be handled on the daily. Life can be chaotic and busy, and, bloggers or Instagram influencers aside, not many people have a ton of time to worry about their hair. Luckily, the universe has given us the “Dirty Hair, Don’t Care” loophole. Weirdly enough, dirty hair actually has some pretty cool upsides.

 Did you know that not washing your hair every day is actually a good thing? Let your hair reap the moisturizing benefits of the natural oils that your scalp produces. Having some product build-up in your hair actually assists in creating cool styles.


We’re here to give you some dirty hair inspo!

Give this easy, super cute braided style a whirl on your next dirty hair day


      Our Fave Dirty Hair Day Products

 Bumble & Bumble Pret-A-Powder

This stuff is the most legit dry shampoo in the game. Not only does it work like a champ, the actual bottle will last you a lot longer than you think. This powder gold is conveniently sold online, or at your nearest Mosaic Salon. It’s easy to use, too. Sprinkle onto your roots. Rub it in. Live yo LIFE! You can also sprinkle some through your ends to give your hair some grit for a pretty updo or a dope braid.

*Bonus* Pret-A-Powder now comes in a spray nozzle can too. Score!


Does It All Hairspray

Every poppin’ hairstyle has a good hairspray behind the scenes. This one is strong enough to give you some hair manipulation skills, but light enough to avoid looking like the 80’s called and want their hair back.



Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray 

 This is the Cadillac of all hairsprays, friends. This is its own breed of hairspray. It’s light and airy, but it gives you mad volume and texture. It’s perfect for those days you’re feeling a full, texturized beach wave look. 


Sexy Hair Powder Play 

 This stuff is killer for adding grit to your hair. It’s not to be confused with Pret-A-Powder, as it is not a dry shampoo. It’s sole purpose for existing is to add texture to your hair for awesome up-dos, braids, or even just volume. Sprinkle a little through your roots after your hair is dry, and rub it in for instant volume. We only recommend putting this stuff through your ends if you’re going for a cool braid or up-do. Just remember, a little goes a long way!


Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil

 If you tend to have frizzy or dehydrated hair, it might be a good idea to run a little oil through to ends to keep it moisturized and looking pretty. Kerastase is king when it comes to hair oils. Check out their website for more information on finding the right hair oil for you.


                                   Long live dirty hair days!