Brushing 101

Brushing 101

This might sound pretty basic, but it can significantly affect the health of your hair. We have a few things to keep in mind the next time you brush out your locks.

1) Start from the bottom

You will pile your knots up and cause extra tension on the hair if you start at the top. By starting at the ends of your hair, you can take out those tangles first, working your way up to avoid creating larger knots.

2) Take your time

Try not to rush through brushing your hair. When you rush, you tend to use a heavier hand, pulling hair out or breaking it off. Give yourself time to gently work through each knot and avoid yanking on your hair.

3) Shedding is normal

Not only is it normal, but it is also healthy. The average woman loses 50 - 100 strands of hair a day. So don't stress when you see hair in your brush at the end.

4) Don't forget your scalp

After you get done working through any knots, run your brush from the scalp down a few times. Running a brush over your scalp will help stimulate your scalp, which is excellent for hair growth, and it also helps exfoliate any dry skin or residue off your scalp.

5) Keep your extensions in mind

Starting at the bottom and working up is especially important when you have extensions to avoid matting at the top of the extension. Also, holding above the section you are brushing will prevent pulling the extension away from your natural hair. Make sure you don't sleep with your extensions wet, or they will get matted, making them much harder to detangle.

For more information on proper care for extensions, read our FAQ section here.

6) Find a good brush

We suggest a brush that you can use, wet or dry. Since you might use it when your hair is wet, you want it to be rust-resistant and long-lasting. Your brush should have bristles that keep your hair from breaking off and also work to exfoliate and stimulate your scalp.

Platform Butter Brush - Best Hair Brush for Hair Extensions

Platform Butter Brush

Since we know how hard it is to find all of that in one brush, we created one that checks all the boxes. The pins are stainless steel and rounded at the top to glide through your hair easily, even with extensions. This design allows you to use our brush wet, dry, or during color services. Our Butter Brush cushion is flexible and forgiving to contour the scalp and limit breakage, and it also has holes to drain excess water. The handle has a smooth satin finish and ergonomic design.

Keep an eye out for our Butter Brush presale coming in JULY!!!