4 Easy Hair Styles to try with Hair Extensions

Platform Hair Extension - Easy Hair Styles using Hair Extensions - Easy Hairstyles for Hair Extensions

Fall is here, and the holidays are right around the corner! We created four easy hairstyle tutorials to try for all your upcoming events. They are perfect for an afternoon at the pumpkin patch or a glam holiday party. Whether you wear our luxury hand-tied extensions or our CUSTOM CLIP-IN hair extensions, these hairstyles will work great with your extensions.

The New York Bun 

She is simple, she is effortless, and she is chic. This low bun is perfect for any occasion. You can go sleek and have all your hair up, or a little more relaxed and let your face-framing pieces out. 

Watch The New York Bun Tutorial Here 

easy hairstyle for extensions - photo of a low bun hairstyle using the best custom clip-in extensions

The Half-Up Pony with a Twist

We have the perfect half-up half-down hairstyle for second-day curls or third-day hair. All you will need is two elastics and a little hairspray, and this look would also work great for shorter hair. 

Watch The Half-Up Pony with a Twist Tutorial Here 

easy half-up hairstyle using the our luxury custom clip-in hair extensions - photo of a half-up half-down hairstyle

The Hailey Bieber Bun 

We couldn't talk hairstyles without mentioning the iconic Hailey Bieber Bun. This bun is a simple way to achieve the trendy slick-back bun but with a little more sophistication. 

Watch The Hailey Bieber Bun Tutorial Here 

photo of a low sleek bun hairstyle using custom clip-in hair extensions - easy hairstyles for fall - hairstyles for hair extensions

The 90's Butterfly Twist

Ready or not, the '90s are back. We turned the classic butterfly clip hairstyle into something a little more simple but still great for having your hair out of your face.

Watch The 90's Butterfly Twist Tutorial Here 

90's inspired hairstyle using butterfly clips - hairstyle using the best clip-in hair extensions by Platform Hair Extensions

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