Jun 18th — Las Vegas, NV — Hand-Tied Extension Course — Certified Educator: Danielle
Jun 18th — Las Vegas, NV — Hand-Tied Extension Course — Certified Educator: Danielle
Jun 18th — Las Vegas, NV — Hand-Tied Extension Course — Certified Educator: Danielle
Jun 18th — Las Vegas, NV — Hand-Tied Extension Course — Certified Educator: Danielle

Jun 18th — Las Vegas, NV — Hand-Tied Extension Course — Certified Educator: Danielle

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Hold on tight! You can't miss this amazing class taught by our fabulous educator Danielle! Going into her fourth year on the platform extension education team and it just keeps getting better! From meeting so many amazing stylists, to helping them learn a new skill and elevate their guest’s experience, to learning the importance of understanding how others learn. Platform has truly been a platform that makes making a difference possible. She strives to deliver the content of her classes with positive energy and a laid back vibe that makes your learning experience memorable and meaningful. Connecting with people is her passion and spending her time working between Las Vegas and Wyoming has helped her connect with so many amazing people and become an incredible traveling educator. She is ready to help you take your guests hair to new levels with our exclusive hand-tied methods and top quality hair. She is just as passionate about people as she is about education, and you are sure to feel exactly that when you take her class! 

What can you expect to take away from the Platform Classic Method extension course?

  • The what, where, when, why, and how of Hand-Sewn Weft installation. This is our track-and-sew method.
  • A premium Platform installation kit valued at over $500 — complete with a half pack of Platform Hand-Sewn Wefts and everything else you need to start installing right away!
  • Specific extension coloring techniques
  • Extension cutting and blending 
  • How to price this service
  • How to market yourself and this service on social media
  • On-going support and assistance after the class (you get us as long as you need us)

This class is HANDS-ON — we will be working on a LIVE MODEL. In effort to provide the best learning experience and as much hands-on practice as possible, these classes are kept small and intimate. Doll heads will also be present for those who want extra practice. 

We will cover the entire extension process in depth — from the consultation to the install, to the posting of beautiful photos on social media. The Platform Classic Method class is designed to teach you the skills and techniques needed to become a proficient extension specialist. Once you have the skills, it’s crucial you know how to market yourself and get clients into your chair as soon as possible. We talk in depth about the best ways to market yourself on social media, how to price this service,  how to work with models for content and so much more. At the end of the class, you will receive stunning before and afters of the live model and may use them on social media to promote yourself and your salon. This will give you the start you need to become the best in your area.

Upon completion of the course, you will be provided with a Platform education kit which is valued at over $500. It comes complete with a premium, Platform-branded installation kit, a half pack of our exclusive Hand-Sewn Wefts, a Platform color swatch, an extension travel pouch, hair grippers, beads, thread, glue, stickers and a Platform tote.

Everything that is needed for the course will be provided— this includes the model, the extensions, the tools and all of the expertise needed to become a Platform extension specialist. 

Your total investment for this course is only $899. The average service for an initial install of hand-sewn wefts (color included) is $1500+. It is worth emphasizing that stylists will recoup the cost of the course within their first 1-2 clients.

We can't wait to meet you!


**This course will be hosted at LOOK Style Society @ Town square located at 6539 S Las Vegas Blvd Suite 110, in Las Vegas, NV 89119. Class will start at 9:30am and should wrap up around 4-5pm.


All Platform class sales are non-refundable after 24 hours from time of purchase.